E is for Easy and Educational! Craft While Learning Letters!


With summer winding down, now is a great time to get some last-minute crafting in with your kids before heading back to the business of the school year routine. We have put together a ‘how to’ for one of our favourite ABC craft projects: the letter mosaic. Create a visual reference for kids as they learn about the alphabet for the first time. We hope you enjoy.

One reason we love this craft is that it does not require a ton of supplies – we know that you would rather not have to spend time trolling craft store aisles looking for supplies. This craft can be done with items that you likely have around your home already. Here is what you will need:

  • Plain paperimages
  • Coloured paper (different shades, textures)
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

OK, so you have your supplies and you are ready to go! To begin, draw an outline of the letter you will be making on a sheet of paper. Then, add a background pattern by drawing lines and shapes around the letter outline, similar to a colour by number. This part of the project may be best for you to do for your child. Ask your child to help decide where to add specific colours and label each section of the background with the first letter of the colour (e.g. Y=yellow, G=green). Use the correct coloured marker to make the letters and encourage your emerging writer to make some of the letters as well!

Next, you and your child can cut up the colourful paper into squares. As you cut them, sort them into coloured piles. Then, have your child begin gluing the coloured papers into the corresponding spots. This craft also practises patterning and colour identification. Here is a look at what the project looks like midway through.


Once you have completed the mosaic, you and your child can talk about the letter  and its letter sound. There are many great letter songs that you can use to help you. We love all of the Hooked on Phonics letter songs, in particular, the letter E song.

We hope you and your child enjoy this craft project. For more crafty learning ideas, visit our website or contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225