Soak up some French this summer!


If you’ve taken French this past school year and will be taking it again next year, you don’t want to spend the next two months gradually forgetting everything you’ve learned, do you? Whether you’re travelling or staying close to home for most of the summer, here are four great ways to keep up your writing (1), reading (2), listening (3) and speaking skills (4) over July and August:

1- Keep a diary or journal

Describe in a few pages, lines, or even just one sentence, what you did over the course of the day. Look up the words you want to use but don’t know in French.

2- Read the news in French, even on the go!

If you like to keep up with the news in English, why not try it in French? If the vocabulary in the first few news articles you look at seems too difficult, try first reading an international news article on a topic you’ve already read about or watched on the news in English. Here are a few online newspapers from Quebec and France that also have a free app, so you can check out the news in French from wherever you are!

3- Travel to Paris! (By listening to stories of newcomers to the city)


Radio France Internationale (RFI) has a series of short stories about people from different parts of France and all over the world who have recently arrived in Paris. From a 15-year old Franco-Chinese avid skateboarder to an 18-year old student from Iran who wants to study medicine, interviews are all conducted in French. But don’t worry – the stories also include short explanations in English!

4- Direct a play


If you are the creative type, write a short play in French and have friends or family members act it out, while you direct them! (You might have to help them with their pronunciation)

If you’re not feeling so creative, how about helping a friend or family member learn basic French? You could schedule weekly short lessons (even just 10 minutes), and teach introductions/greetings, colors, numbers, and any other useful vocabulary.

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