The Best Tools to Help Active Students Succeed

Here at RRLS we have many different types of learners and a big box of tricks that we pull from to help maximize student success. So, here’s our list of some of the best tools that help wiggly learners complete seated work by keeping their hands and legs busy and their brains engaged!

1. The Squiggle Wiggle writer:

Squiggle WiggleThe squiggle wiggle pen vibrates in the student’s hand and creates small squiggly lines as they write. This pen is a great way to jazz up spelling practice.

2. Theraband:


We use this large stretchy band to help students with wiggly legs to stay focused while doing seated work. You can affix it to the legs of  students’ chairs and they will be able to kick their legs against it and get out any extra energy that might distract them from completing their work.

3. Velcro tape:


Sticking a small strip of Velcro to the underside of a student’s desk provides sensory stimulation that is out of sight, allowing the student to fidget discreetly when needed.

4. Theraputty:

photo 1

This tool is helpful for students with busy fingers! Our students absolutely love to use Thera-putty when they are brainstorming or problem solving. We like to call it brain putty! It can also be a great tool to help an anxious or upset student calm down.

5. Balance board:


This is a great alternative to seated work if you have children who need to burn energy while working. The board is set up like a surf board and students can rock back and forth as they work. We often set ours up at the whiteboard and students stand on it as they work.

We hope these tips are helpful for you and your child!

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